A concertation framework for the various participants in the anti-corruption fight is adopted

The members of the taskforce in charge of the elaboration of the texts that will regulate the functioning of the monitoring organs concentration as well as the stakeholders involved in anti-corruption fight convened for a work session on Monday 14th May 2018 for the third time at the headquarters of the Anti-corruption and assimilated offences prevention  Commission.

In view of promoting economic good governance along with sustaining the strong institutions established by the government as part of the anti-corruption fight in Togo, the Alliance Nationale des Consommateurs et de l’Environnement (ANCE-Togo) that is behind this initiative, always actively participates jointly with the other members of the concertation group, notably with the Anti-corruption and Assimilation Offences Prevention Commission (HAPLUCIA), the State General Inspection (IGE) and the Alternative Leadership Group (ALG), in truly establishing the legal bases for an efficient concertation and a sustained collaboration in the context of the implementation of efficient actions and with a notable impact on the fight against corruption and assimilated offences.

At this third meeting, the issue was essentially for the taskforce to adopt the report on the previous meeting but mainly to take a close look at the provisions sustaining the regulatory and legal framework of the concertation of the monitoring instruments and the stakeholders involved in the anti-corruption fight. On this last point, the targeted objective is the harmonization of the various articles of this framework in order to secure a better common understanding.

For the executive director of ANCE-Togo, Dr. Fabrice EBEH, having the taskforce adopt this concertation framework will enable all the monitoring organs as well as other stakeholders involved in anti-corruption to be sufficiently equipped when it comes to both the mechanisms and the techniques that contribute to prevention in the context of anti-corruption in Togo.

The taskforce is considering organizing in the weeks to come a workshop for the validation of this text.

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