A rights and obligations manual for those awaiting trial is, as of now, available in Togo

The Higher Magistrature Council, on Thursday 3rd May 2018, took delivery of an important lot of the directives on ethics and code of conduct of the magistrate and of the manual of rights and obligations of the people awaiting trial, thanks to the financial support of the European union. The official presentation of the 4,500 copies of the directive and the manual occurred at the headquarters of the institution (CSM) in Lomé.

It is the permanent representative of European union in Togo, Mrs. Martina-Martins BARREIRA who, in a symbolic manner, handed over a few copies of the manual of rights and obligations for people awaiting trial and the directive on the magistrate’s ethics and code of conduct to the Chairman of the Higher Magistrature (CSM), Mr. Akakpovi GAMATHO.

The CSM initiative that results from the adoption, in 2014, of a directive in view of reminding each magistrate of the need to dispense justice in conformity with the law on behalf of the “TOGOLESE PEOPLE”, the judge should be able to count on the behavior pattern of the people awaiting trial. This manual aims to enable the citizens to understand and to know their rights and their relationship with the legal system, but also the duties to be performed by them. For the Chairman of the Higher Magistrature Council “with the publication of these two documents, it is important for the CSM to permit the citizens to understand their rights but also their duties which they must be prepared to perform so that together we can build a justice in the service of the truth.

The publishing and the dissemination of both documents by CSM benefits from the financial assistance of the European union through the implementation of the Legal Sector Support Program (PASJ). For Her Excellency the Ambassador and Head of EU delegation to Togo, Mrs. Martina-Martins, “it is important for EU to participate in this effort of justice modernization, to the extent that a country whose legal system is reliable attracts more investments.

A big national dissemination campaign in support of both the directive and the manual was launched on Friday 4th May 2018, in Lomé, and will continue on different sites outside the capital in the days to come.

The legal adviser to ANCE-Togo, Mr. Samiroudine OURO-SAMA, rightfully appreciates this CSM initiative, which intends to offer a fair and quality justice to the Togolese citizens. He hopes that the effective implementation of these manuals will permit to substantially reduce the corruption rate in the legal sector and expresses the wish to see the CSM re-inforce the sanction application in order to guarantee more transparency in the Togolese legal system.

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