Africa is determined to win the anti-corruption battle

Togo, through its Minister of Foreign Affairs, Cooperation and African integration, celebrated on 25th May 2018 the third anniversary of the African Integration Week. This celebration, this time around, was placed under the umbrella theme of “Winning the anti-corruption battle: a sustainable way to the transformation of Africa“. This event brought together all African communities residing in Togo with Brazil as a guess country. All of them got involved in a series of varied cultural, artistic and cooking activities.

The minister of Foreign Affairs, co-operation and African integration, Professor Robert DUSSEY, was flanked by African diplomats accredited to Togo for the official launching of the African Integration week. It is a day instituted by the African Union for the sake of celebrating the political, cultural and socio-economic integration of the continent. For the African leaders, this integration necessarily depends on the promotion of unity, solidarity, cohesion and co-operation between the peoples of Africa as well as between the African States for it all to result in an efficient fight against corruption in our States.

Mrs. Bali Kouméalo ANATE, Director of the African Integration defined corruption, in her address delivered on the occasion, as one of the major scourges currently destroying the socio-economic performances as well as the development of African countries. According to the director, corruption takes on different shapes such as bribes, fraud and extortion, nepotism, favoritism, occult commission, money laundering and many more.

The National Alliance of Consumers and the Environment was represented at this event by a strong delegation led by its executive director Dr. Fabrice EBEH who made a key impact on the day through the exposition of a kakemono which conveys an important message relating to the negative effects of corruption and which also highlights the need for all stakeholders, notably the State and its institutions, the private sector and the civil society organizations to join their varied efforts in the context of the fight against this social phenomenon.

The day’s celebration came to an end with the airing of a T.V. program based on the theme mentioned earlier on, and many eminent personalities took part including Mrs. Bali Kouméalo ANATE, director of African Integration; Mr. Wiyao Essohana, Chairman of the Commission in charge of prevention and anti-corruption and related offences (HAPLUCIA); Dr Fabrice EBEH, Executive director, ANCE-Togo and Mr. M. IBRAHIM, Director of the Finance general Inspection.

For more details, click here to view the topical video.

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