ANCE-Togo congratulates the government on the adoption of the new land and property code

The Togolese National Assembly adopted on Tuesday, 5th June 2018, the new land and private property code. This new law, which consists of 724 Articles regrouped into eleven titles, prepares the ground for the needed modernization of the land management institutional framework, while taking into account the country’s socio-economic and cultural evolutions.

The main regulations that make up the backbone of the Togolese land and personal property law are very little applied today because of its out-datedness. The present adopted code aims to orient the economic development through the promotion of a new more efficient and sustainable property governance with an effective involvement of all stakeholders and parties concerned in connection with the current political, social, economic and environmental evolutions taking place in Togo; all this should be in conformity with the legislative texts and regulations relating to land policy and individual land ownership in both urban and rural areas.

For the minister of Urban Affairs and the Habitat, it is an important stage in the initiative of reforming the land code and it should be precised that the spurge will keep on going throughout the adoption, very soon, of the various decrees of application for the new provisions of this law to come into force.

The adoption of this code that results from a national property management forum held in April 2017 aims at forestalling the crucial issue of land litigations and establishing a new more efficient and sustainable property governance with an effective involvement of the whole chain of stakeholders just like the inclusive process that prevailed throughout its elaboration.

ANCE-Togo remains convinced that the new land and personal property code, when efficiently implemented, would help put an end to the many land litigations, which account for almost 66 percent of all litigations in Togo. It will also permit to meet the sustainable development needs in our country, sustain the promotion of social peace, and render the country more attractive to national and international fundings.

For more details, download the new land and property code here

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