ANCE-Togo congratulates the Government on the Threshold Program Approval

During the quarterly meeting held on April 3, 2018, the executive Board of the Millennium Challenge Corporation approved the Threshold program in an amount of 35 million dollars in favor of Togo. The information was released through a communiqué signed by the acting Managing Director of MCC, Jonathan Nash. ANCE-Togo is the focal point of Millennium Challenge account (MCA) in Togo and as a member of the sectoral committee on the issues of economic good governance; he expresses his deep gratitude to the government for the smooth execution of the program.

The two components covered by this part comprise the TIC governance and property governance. In the TIC area for example, the program aims at helping the populations find it easier to access inexpensive quality services while encouraging private investments for a more inclusive development. When it comes to property management though, the Threshold wants to favor the formalization of the access to land by legitimizing customary property law and mainly by enlarging inclusive access in the sector, notably by updating the law.

It should be recalled that, freedom of speech, the fight against corruption, political freedoms, the educational programs or access to health and to the new technologies are, among a number of criteria that are taken into account when the Millennium Challenge Corporation is allocating the different forms of assistance to developing countries.

The executive Managing Director of the Alliance Nationale des Consommateurs et de l’Environnement (ANCE-Togo), Dr. Fabrice EBEH, congratulates the government on the reforms carried out over the last few years in the area of economic governance and which have largely contributed to the approval, by the board of directors of this program’s MCC. On the other hand, he has encouraged the Togolese decision makers to remain focused on and work much more for the improvement of property governance and work even harder in order to secure an appropriate business atmosphere in view of attracting more investors to Togo. ANCE-Togo is of the view that the consolidation of the implementation of the measures taken as well as the sanctions against the corrupt individuals and their accomplices will contribute to the achievement of the set objectives.

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