ANCE-Togo is holding discussions with institutions

In view of sustaining the economic good governance policy and promoting the fight against corruption in West Africa in general and particularly Togo, the Alliance National des Consommateurs et de l’Environnement (ANCE-Togo), the National contact of Transparency International in Togo is on a tour exchanging with the regional institutions accredited to Togo.

The promotion of good governance and the fight against corruption constitute the first and sine qua non condition for the development of our State and this will permit the creation of an atmosphere of confidence and make our countries attractive to investors. This is why ANCE-Togo which holds dear the issue of sustainable development of West Africa in general and Togo in particular, makes it a priority to concentrate its advocacy activities with the State institutions, international organizations, embassies, etc. and to draw their attention to the consolidation of their fight instruments against corruption, and capital laundering in their areas of intervention.

In this respect, a delegation of ANCE-Togo led by Dr. Fabrice EBEH, Executive Director, met with some key figures of highly renown regional institutions notably, the Chairman of the Board of West African Development Bank (WADB), Mr. Christian ADOVELANDE, Mr. Assoukou Raymond KRIKPEU, the Resident Representative of the West African Economic and Monetary Union (WAEMU) and Mr. Mamadou Saidou CAMARA, head of the Legal and Institutional Board of Ecowas Bank for investment and development (EBID). The meeting with these regional institutions offered the opportunity to look into the need to prioritize the issue of good governance as part of the support to the governments in the region and mainly in order for the fight against corruption and capital laundering to be built into their strategies of intervention across the board.

According to the Chairman of the Board of WADB, a financial security policy has already been established by the WADB with the intention of defining the organization, the functioning and the monitoring of the strategies of fight against capital laundering and the funding of terrorism and the fight against corruption within WADB. As for the EBID, it is strengthening its strategies with a policy of anti-money laundering and anti-corruption, both being considered for adoption. As far as WAEMU is concerned, it has already adopted several community directives relating to budgetary transparency, the transparency of public contracts and the fight against capital laundering and the funding of terrorism.

Dr. Fabrice EBEH congratulated the top officials of the three visited West African regional top officials on their availability and reaffirmed the commitment of his organization to work side by side with them in view of the implementation of the anti-laundering and anti-corruption policies in our States.

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