ANCE-Togo prepares a Shadow report on SDG 16

The Alliance Nationale des Consommateurs et de l’Environnement (ANCE-Togo), with the financial assistance of both Transparency international and E.U., is actively preparing a parallel report on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG16) by Togo. The said report will make it possible to evaluate to what extent the set targets have been reached based on the indicators defined by Togo, as well as the additional efforts to be made to meet the expectations on Agenda 2030.

The UN General assembly adopted on 25th September 2015 a sustainable development program  to be executed by the year 2030 (2030 Agenda), revisited in a document called “Changing our world : Sustainable development program by the year 2030”. It constitutes the new framework of global development based on 17 sustainable development objectives broken down into 169 targets in the areas of economy, social development, and environmental protection.

ANCE-Togo is particularly interested in SDG16 on sustainable governance, which is most especially relevant to the fight against corruption, with most notorious targets being target 16.4 on illicit financial flows, target 16.5 on corruption and bribing, target 16.6 on transparent and accountable institutions and target 16.10 on access to information.

This year Togo, once again has volunteered, for the third time, to produce progress reports on national achievements at the High Level Political Forum, due to reconvene in July 2018 in New York. Although there is no plan to have the High Level Political Forum look deep into SDG16 before 2019, it is essential to monitor national progress against corruption right from the beginning, in view of the integrity risks confronting the SDG as a whole.

According to Mr. Emmanuel Gueme, an ANCE-Togo economist-statistician, this study monitored in the context of a robust methodology set up by TI and realized with the technical support of the TI Secretariat in Berlin, will permit to evaluate the extent to which SDG16 has been implemented and as a result, to assess what has been achieved, take up the challenges and come up with recommendations.

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