July 22, 2019

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ANCE-Togo membership application is opened to: 

(a) Anybody working for integrity and transparency 

(b) Any Non-governmental organization (NGO) or Civil society organization (CSO) involved in economic, social, environmental local and land sector

Membership requirements are as follow:

Legal recognition (for organizations) 

Concrete commitment for the promotion of integrity and transparency

Any other criteria that may be required by the network members.



ANCE-TOGO has four category of members: Honorary members, affiliate members, active members and Sympathizing members.

Honorary members

Can be honorary member, everyone without any discrimination regarding race, sex or religion, with good character and reputation, determine to contribute financially disinterested, morally or others to meet the organization’s objectives. The General Assembly (GA) appoints the honorary members on members of boards’ proposal. They neither can vote nor be elected.

Affiliate members

Can be affiliate member, any organization, research centres, non-political, humanitarian and non-profit, which pursue directly or indirectly the same objectives as ANCE-Togo and introduce membership application to the GA which after analysis and investigations, agree the application. The quality of affiliate member, which does not comply with the organization’s philosophy, could be rejected by the General Assembly. In some cases, the Board could decide the suspension of the member before the final decision of the General Assembly. The suspended affiliated member can act against the Board decision during extraordinary General Assembly. The affiliated members and the actives members have the same right. The affiliated membership application issued to the Executive Director, must be composed of: 1. The application written on the organization’s letterhead requesting the affiliation to ANCE- Togo and apointing the contact person in the organization; 2. The membership form duly filled and signed by the contact person in the organization; 3. The copy of the receipt or the registration and the statutes at the Ministry of Security.

Active membership

Active member is any person at least 18 years, sharing the organization’s philosophy and participating to meetings and various work. Any individual qualified for the above mention conditions, is a voter and eligible. However, any unqualified active member, for any reason, can be requalified by the general assembly as «sympathizing member » or « ANCE-Togo friend». An active member who lost his qualification, loose his right to vote and eligibility.

Sympathizing members

Sympathizing members are those sharing the philosophy of movement but not regularly participant of all works but provide their support for material acquisition, financial support, human and moral for the organization survival. They are not voters nor eligible. They are just observers.

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