July 29, 2019

Togo – Supporting the fight against corruption in Fauna

Togo – Supporting the fight against corruption in Fauna

This project aims at promoting the protection of wildlife species through the legislation on Fauna law enforcement.

Specific objectives

Three specific objectives work synergically to meet the general objective:

  • The capacities of relevant stakeholders are strengthened on the Fauna and Flora and on its enforcement ;
  • The project team operational capacities is strengthened in carrying out investigations, legal proceedings and offenders’ arrest
  • A legal and judicial assistance is provided to government stakeholders by the project team in creating legal files.

Planned Activities

  • Strengthen the capacities of field and government stakeholders on Fauna and Flora regulation;
  • Fight against corruption through the realization of field investigations ;
  • Support legal proceedings and offenders or traffickers arrest ;
  • Provide legal and judicial assistance to government  stakeholders in creating legal files ;
  • Carry out judicial follow-up of cases

Expected outcomes

  • Outcome 1.1 : The relevant stakeholders and other environmental NGO were mobilized and aware on how big species trafficking is and consequences occurred ;
  • Outcome 1.2 : The legislation on Fauna and Flora is well known by relevant stakeholders and its enforcement strengthened.