January 16, 2018

Togo – Support to the fight against illegal logging

Togo – Supporting the fight against illegal logging

To ensure a sustainable economic development, Togo is committed itself to a vast development program in which environmental aspect is highlighted. Thus, Togo promotes a sustainable forest management and reafforestation campaign. In this respect, the Government adopted on May 30, 2008, the Decree n°2005-005 creating environmental framwork law, and decree n°2008-09 for forest Code. In addition, the decree n°2009-092/PR adopting the organization and operationalization of the National Forest development fund. In 2011, the government adopted a forest policy and a national forest action Program (PAFN) to renew forest cover. Currently, togo government is carrying out the Global Climate Change Alliance + thanks to European union support. The overall objective of this program is to support Togo in implementing a nationwide response to climate change challenges and specifically: (1) reducing Togo climate vulnerability through forest and ground resources conservation and energy efficiency (2) boosting institutional context on climate change.

Despite these progresses, Togo forest management is still challenging including illegal logging and related crimes as Money Laundering (ML), non-payment of custom taxes, state agents’ corruption, influence peddling. Some economic operators, particularly forest firms are using weak law to multiply logging license and subvert the law in force. The impact and damage caused will leave permanent consequences on Togo forest integrity and quality. ANCE-Togo already carried out support project to fight against illegal logging  with  the support of many partners leading to jail over 50 traffickers and  seize about 32 containers full of illegal timber for Asia.

The current project will particularly test the control system and strengthen it with the collaboration of judicial bodies. Considering it uniqueness (low density, more or less broad forest domain, natural resource diversities, integrated development Program), Togo could therefore become a model in forest governance and successful results of the project could be replicated in other West African countries.

Overall objective

  • Create awareness and strengthen  capacities of various  stakeholders on the damages caused by illegal logging;
  • Collect and analyze data on illegal logging
  • Cooperate with the enforcement agencies  to arrest the traffickers
  • Follow up judiciary procedures to ensure effective law  enforcement. 

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