September 10, 2019

ALAC Central Region


ANCE-Togo Regional office in Central region based at Sokodé raised awareness on August 27, 2019 targeting youth volunteers gathered by Togo National Volunteer Agency in the framework Citizen’s volunteering engagement. This awareness activity aimed at strengthening the capacity of citizens on youth’s participation to fight against corruption and related offences.
The head of Central regional voluntary agency Mr. Séidou Abdlatif BOANE in his welcome address a vibrant gratitude to ANCE-Togo for its presence in his region through this important initiative to raise youths’ awareness on their engagement role to fight and report corruption case to ANCE-Togo Advocacy and Legal advice Centre based at central region in Sokodé.
The regional coordinator of ANCE-Togo regional office at the region Mr. Samiroudine OURO SAMA in his communication developed many themes mainly ANCE-Togo actions, the role of ALAC involving citizens’ to fight against corruption and related offences and the importance of awareness for voluntary and free membership to ANCE-Togo.
These differents communications highlighting youths’ commitment to fight against corruption raised question-answers to the regional team for better understanding. The regional coordinator and his team provided clear and concise answers to more than 250 youths in dire need to acquire information on these relevant issues for their entire commitment. The coordinator geared these participants to report firmly any relevant corruption and offences case to ANCE-Togo regional office in central region and encourage them to be active on Citizens’ participation to public action.
During this awareness session, more than 150 youths were enrolled as new members to ANCE-Togo central region office.
This activity was carried out thanks to European union and Transparency International financial support through French ministry of Europe and foreign affairs.

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