July 24, 2019

ALAC Kara region

  •   Organization of awareness activity in Universities 

On May 17, 2019, the regional office of Kara carried out two big public conferences on the role of ANCE-Togo Advocacy and Legal Advice Centres (ALAC) located in Kara regional office. Over 100 of students from private Universities ISM ADONAI and Mon Seigneur BAKPESSI of Kara participated actively to the conference where the regional office team of Kara raised awareness of these students on their activities and the services the regional office offers to the population of Kara and surroundings communities since it operationalization. Kara regional office is located at Chaminade district, building TAGBA, 1st Floor. Kara population and neighboring villagers are highly invited to make their complaints in ANCE-Togo ALAC regional office of Kara. EU and TI through French Ministry of Europe and the foreign affairs finance this initiative.

  • Activity pictures