July 24, 2019

Services & Access

  • ALAC services

ALAC provides the following free services to complainants:

  • Consultation with specialized legal advisers ;
  • Analysis of submitted case study;
  • Drafting of complaints and creation of files;
  • Cases follow up until final resolution.

Access to ALAC services

  • All resident of Togo mainly in surrounding communities or in towns and moral persons can access ALAC services. They can be indigents, poor and vulnerable people who cannot contact legal experts to claim their rights;
  • Rich people in need to value their rights

Type of cases covered by ALAC

The ALAC deals with all corruption cases. It can be small-scale or large-scale corruption;

  • The cases can be from any activity sectors: health, education, mining, business and governance or any other activity sector nationwide mainly in Maritime, Central or Kara regions.

ALAC operational mode

ALAC functions as follow:

  • Collect complaints;
  • Request documents and organize an interview with legal department;
  • Study cases submitted;
  • Provide legal and extra legal advice;
  • Help complainants to draft and submit their complaints to competent authorities;
  • Follow the submitted files at the competent institutions and ensure fair cases resolution;
  • Based on different cases submitted to establish pertinent communication strategies to raise awareness for positive behavior changing vis-à-vis of corruption.

 What ALAC does not do

  • ALAC is not empowered to pronouncing judgments. 

For law matters and in practice, judicial authorities are empowered to pronounce judgments. ALAC can only based on evidence submitted, to create files, send cases to authorities and ensure cases processing and fair resolution. It has mission to draft periodic reports and publish cases resolved.

  • ALAC exposes corruption cases and advocates without campaigning against people or institutions;
  • ALAC does not represent victims of corruption before courts;
  • ALAC does not investigate on cases reported;
  •  ALAC does not disseminate cases submitted without accused party approval;
  •  ALAC does not deal with anonymous cases.