July 24, 2019

Kara region


The Kara regional office is a division of ANCE-Togo in the region. It is located at ANCE-Togo national head office based in Kara and employed resident members in Kara region. The Regional office is composed of : Regional Assembly of members; Regional Council and Regional Executive Secretariat.
The regional Assembly of members elect five (5) members of regional office to sit in Kara regional council. Among these five members of regional office, include the president of regional council (PRC), the General Treasurer of regional council (GTRC), the general secretary of regional council (GSRC) and two other members. The regional council acts as ANCE-Togo regional steering committee and is in charge of working according to ANCE-Togo statutes or on the general assembly demand. A regional coordinator recruited by ANCE-Togo board of directors upon proposal of Executive Secretariat assumes the Regional Executive Secretariat.
ANCE-Togo regional office in Kara region implements many programs focused on advocacy with local authorities to improve locals finance management system, for better economic governance and promoting transparency in public affairs management. The Regional office works also with the region civil society organizations (CSOs) to create synergistic actions to better work on the fight against corruption related issues. The capacity building workshops are frequently organized targeting public, private sectors and the CSOs on different thematic related to international instruments and good practices to fight corruption, transparency in public procurement, and the participation of citizen’s control on public action and citizen’s education.

Regional office of Kara 

National Road N°1, quartier Chaminade
Immeuble Tagba, 1st stair
08BP: 80925 , Lomé-Togo 
Tel: +228 91427242
Email: br_kara@ancetogo.org 
Web: www.ancetogo.org




  •   Awareness raising in Universities 

On May 17, 2019, the regional office of Kara carried out two big public conferences on the role of ANCE-Togo Advocacy and Legal Advice Centres (ALAC) located in Kara regional office. Over 100 of students from private Universities ISM ADONAI and Mon Seigneur BAKPESSI of Kara participated actively to the conference where the regional office team of Kara raised awareness of these students on their activities and the services the regional office offers to the population of Kara and surroundings communities since it operationalization. Kara regional office is located at Chaminade district, building TAGBA, 1st Floor. Kara population and neighboring villagers are highly invited to make their complaints in ANCE-Togo ALAC regional office of Kara. EU and TI through French Ministry of Europe and the foreign affairs finance this initiative.

  • Activity pictures

With the financial support of the Programme de Consolidation de l’État et du Monde Associatif (Pro-CEMA) and the European union, the Alliance Nationale des Consommateurs et de l’Environnement (ANCE-Togo) organized on March 28 to 29, 2019, two days regional public conference in Kara about major tools on citizen’s control on public action (CCAP). Key prominent figures among whom the prefect of Kozah, the mayor of Kara, Pro-CEMA project manager, the president of Kara court just to mention few. The prefect of kozah, Col. BAKALI Badibawou chaired the opening ceremony with the participation of more than 30 actors from the Civil Society organizations, professional media. During the conference, the panel discussions started with the concept of citizen’s control on public action (CCAP), sharing of experiences, good practices, and the debate with panelists and participants. After that, national experts equipped participants with diversified thematic through capacity building on the citizen’s control on public action to enable them generate goal oriented action to implement CCAP tools toward control action and ask decision makers and local communities to be accountable vis-à-vis of the management of public affairs.

The Advocacy & Legal Advice Centre (ALAC) is located in every ANCE-Togo regional office and providing free legal advice and assistance to persons who are victims of or witnesses corruption acts.
The regional office of ANCE-Togo in Kara region develops anti-corruption advocacy strategies to consolidate the rule of law and the eradication of corruption in all its forms in the region. The regional office through the ALAC in the region provide legal advice and assistance to persons who are victims of or witnesses corruption acts and contribute to strengthen citizen’s capacity against corruption related issues. The analysis of corruption phenomenon is based on real experiences of citizen’s in Kara region. The Kara regional office is composed of expert lawyers who provide free legal advice to help complainants pursue their complaints; ensure that a formal complaint will be received by the law enforcement agencies for further action. All complaints are receivable physically at ANCE-Togo Kara regional office, located at Chaminade district, building TAGBA, 1st Floor or send via email at br_kara@ancetogo.org or call +228 91427242 or through post office 08 BP 80925 Lomé-TOGO.

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