January 13, 2018

Project of advocacy and legal advice center (ALAC)

TOGO - Advocacy and legal advice center (ALAC)

Since 2018 , ANCE-Togo  has started experimenting an advocacy and legal advice centre (ALAC) which aims to support Citizens’ participation to fight against corruption in Togo.  Three (3) regional centres are operational in 3 of the 5 regions of Togo, including the Maritime Region (Lomé), the Central Region (Sokodé) and the Kara Region (Kara).

How do our ALAC function?

  • The ALAC project team collects the complaints lodged by citizens, victims, or witnesses of corruption and other crimes.
  • ALAC provides legal assistance
  • ALAC is in favour of a change in the legal, institutional and administrative procedure or any systemic change in which it would be noted that these systems are faulty, which can facilitate corruption behaviour patterns.

ARE YOU victim of corruption act ?

Please, leave complaint here.