January 13, 2018

Open data project

TOGO Open data project

The aim of this project is to apply technology to intersect citizen engagement with institutional improvement, to facilitate societal change.

The project methodology is deploying refined data mining skillsets to creatively represent data and empower citizens to use the resulting information in demanding improved service delivery. Beyond budget access, the project functions on the premise that budgets must work for the people.

Simultaneously, the project will contribute to influence the national agenda on public spending, with its policy papers covering government finance, sub-national viability, Open Government schemes, as well as the analyses of anti-corruption and transparency initiatives.

Our focus are budget access, tracking, extractives and institutional support.


We empower citizens with budgets and public finance data, allowing them to take action within their communities.


Working to enlighten citizens on issues of extractive resources with focus on accountability and fiscal inclusion.


Building a community of urban and rural citizens who use civic tech to track public projects and demand efficient service delivery.


Working with willing institutions - media, civil society and government - to advance transparency and civic engagement