January 14, 2018

Project to fight against fake drugs

Togo - Project to fight against fake medications

The illicit sale of fake medication in African markets and in Togo is a reality. According to the last WHO report, almost 1,000,000 deaths result from the trade in fake drugs. In Togo, this reality does not leave the authorities unconcerned and they are resolutely committed to the struggle against this malpractice which jeopardises the citizens’ lives.

In this respect, training workshops, awareness sessions and talk shows are organised by the Ministry in charge of health to inform the populations about the damages caused by the fake products. Law enforcement agents therefore undertake operations at the level of the customs as well as in streets and this made it possible to seize important quantities of fake drugs.

Thus, in September 2016, 23 tons of these drugs got seized by the Togolese law enforcement agents. In June 2015, 17 tons of fake drugs were incinerated and in July of the same year, 480 boxes containing each 72 tubes of toothpaste were seized.

Togo has also a legal arsenal for the fight against this trafficking which also generates as much money as drug trafficking. It consists of the public health code, the central office for repression of illicit drug trafficking and money laundering (OCRTIDB) and the penal Code.

ANCE contributes to this struggle side by side with the Togolese authorities through several activities which are : 


Field investigation to uncover the fake drugs networks.

Organisation of sensitisation and education sessions on the dangers deriving from fake drugs.

Building the capacity of stakeholders on the techniques for identifying fake drugs.

Supporting the application of sanctions against authors and accomplices of fake drugs dealing (legal assistance, monitoring of prisons in order to make sure that the criminals are serving their terms).

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