January 14, 2018

Togo-Community project to fight against drugs and other illicit products

Togo-Community project to fight against drugs and other illicit products

The drug addiction phenomenon has been collecting momentum for the past two decades in West Africa and especially in Togo. It has been causing damages to institutions, threatening public health conditions and crippling development efforts. In Togo, it is noted that this phenomenon affects, in most cases, the youths and teenagers who allow themselves to be seduced by this disastrous deadly substance. Curiosity, boredom, family problems, cheap access to psychoactive products, affordable prices, pleasure, misery, unemployment or quite simply miseducation are the main causes which push these youngsters and teenagers to develop interest in drugs.

To take up the challenges of these problems, the Togolese government has ratified all international conventions relating to the struggle against drugs and corruption and put in place drug co-ordination and monitoring institutions as well as repression units. A specific piece of legislation was also passed.

To sustain the government’s efforts in matters of anti-drug fight, the NGO ANCE-Togo is implementing, in co-operation with the anti-drug national committee (CNAD) and the support of other partners such as the Anti-Drug Coalition of the Communities of America (CADCA), ECOWAS, ONUDC, WADPN and WACSI, and it has put in place a community-based anti-drug fight pilot project in Togo.


Promote public health by preventing and fighting against illicit drug, alcohol abuse and tobacco use in communities

Specific Objective

  • Inform, educate, raise youths and teenegers’ awareness on dangers underming psychoactive substances use;
  • Strengthen anti-drug coalitions’ capacities;
  • Create  anti-drug coalitions in communities;
  • Support the draft and the implementation of anti-drug community plans;
  • Carry out implementation actions follow up.


Outcome 1

Seven anti-drug coalitions is created in Lomé

Outcome 2

Over 200 actors were trained on trouble underming psychoactive substances use

Outcome 3

80 % of actors in the seven coalitions created are awared of the trouble related to drugs use.

Outcome 4

Drug use among youths and teens is reduced to 30%

Outcome 5

Actors are engaged to fight against drug use in their communities.

Ongoing Activities

Activity 1

Carry out community diagnosis and support the adoption of anti-drug community plans.

Activity 2

Raise awareness of high and university students on the dangers underming drugs use in schools.

Activity 3

Strengthen the capacity of community agents.

Activity 4

Create anti-drug coalitions in Lomé and in the hinterland.

Activity 5

Carry out the follow up of community activities.