January 14, 2018

Tobacco control and NCDs integrated program

Comprehensive struggle against tobacco abuse and the MNT

Tobacco abuse is one of the major diseases affecting human kind and particularly developing countries like Togo. According to WHO, tobacco abuse kills almost 6 million peoples every year in the world, 80 percent of causalities are in developing countries.

In Togo, the prevalence rate according to STEP’s investigations is 8.3 percent and more than 90 percent of smokers reside in rural areas. There exists a close relationship between tobacco abuse and poverty and if no action is taken, all chances of attaining the SDO risk getting compromised.

Fully aware of this danger, ANCE has put in place since 1999 the anti-smoking comprehensive struggle programme and this includes other non-transmissible diseases. Since then, ANCE has been implementing several activities in partnership with the Ministry of Health.


Overall objective of the programme

To promote public healthcare and social welfare through anti-smoking struggle and other non-transmissible diseases.

Specific objectives

  • Educate and raise awareness of the stakeholders on the impact of tobacco abuse on health, the economy and the environment;
  • Sustain the improvement of the legal and institutional framework ;
  • Build the capacity of the stakeholders ;

Execute the implementation monitoring activities.



More than 2.5 million citizens have become aware of the dangers deriving from smoking.

50 percent of the implementation of the ban on smoking in public areas.

100 percent of implementation of the decree making it an obligation to post on cigarette packs sanitary warnings.

The Director of ANCE was awarded the WHO prize for the 2011 anti-smoking struggle.

Adoption by the government of anti-tobacco decree n°2010-017 relating to tobacco production, commercialisation and consumption and other related products.

80 percent of the implementation of the decree banning publicity on tobacco and related products.

Over 500 stakeholders had their capacities build on the legislation and the implementation decrees, including the local stakeholders in the five economic regions of Togo.

ongoing activities

  • Advocacy for the allocation of budget for the non-transmissible diseases (NTD)
  • Advocacy for the amendment of the anti-tobacco law in order to incorporate in it the graphic sanitary warnings ;
  • 100 percent of ban on smoking in public area ;
  • Sustain the implementation of the amendments.