December 10, 2017



The Alliance Nationale des Consommateurs et de l’Environnement (ANCE-Togo) was created since August 1999 by the group of law students and some lawyers with the view to promote sustainable development in Togo. ANCE has been registered under N°3228 of September 1999 by the Minister of Interior and Security of Togo. ANCE was then recognized under the receipt N°0290/MATDCL-SG-DLPAP-DOCA of May 21, 2010 by the Ministry of Territorial Administration, Decentralization and Local Communities. Initially acting as mere association which started it meetings in law faculties rooms, ANCE has recently made remarkable progress. Currently, ANCE has become a trustworthy sustainable development NGO under N°651/PR/MPDAT/2012 of July 11, 2012 delivered by Togo Ministry of Planification. ANCE has also a Special Consultative Statute of United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC).

ANCE has also an « Agreement-Program » with Togo government under N°548/MPDAT/2014 of September 30, 2014.

Since May 2017 ANCE-Togo has been accredited TI National Contact in Togo. ANCE-Togo had obtained three (3) prizes among which the WHO prize for Tobacco Control in Africa (2011); the best Prize for healthy environment in Togo (2015) and the Prize for best actors in the fight against corruption in Togo (2019).



ANCE-Togo is a well-structured organization and ruled by the following organs : General Assembly, Board of Directors and the Executive Secretariat.

General Assembly (GA)

The GA meets at least once during ordinary GA when convene by the Executive Director. The GA approves Secretariat annual reports, analyses and approves audited financial accounts, elects board members, approves status amendments etc.

The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is composed of eleven (11) members  democratically elected for a three (3) years terms renewal once.

The Board of Directors approves annual budget, ensures that ANCE-Togo independent audits has been carried out in accordance with applicable laws and presents the audits reports to the General Assembly. The board presents also its activities report, keeps an eye on secretariat assessment performance, appoints advisers, ensure resources mobilization, etc. For more about the board members and their profile, please visit our web site

Executive Secretariat (ES)

Currently, ANCE-Togo has one main Executive Secretariat in its headquater in Lomé and two regional secretariats one in Kara (for Kara Region) and the other in Sokodé (for the Central Region). The executive secreatariats are the implementing and operating bodies of General Assembly and Board of Directors decisions’. They are in charge of implementing programs and projects.

The main Executive Secretariat in Lomé is composed of 16 staffs while the regional secretariats are composed of 10 staffs.


The regional office is a division of ANCE-Togo in the region. The Regional office is composed of : Regional Assembly of members; Regional Council and Regional Executive Secretariat. ANCE-Togo currently has two regional offices one  in Kara (for Kara Region) and the other in Sokodé (for the Central Region) regional office executes programs focusing on advocacy with local authorities to improve locals finance management system, for better economic governance and promoting transparency in public affairs management. The Regional office works also with the region civil society organizations (CSOs) to create synergistic actions to better work on the fight against corruption related issues.